2012 – The Year in Review for JR Sports Enterprises

Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2012

It was a crazy year to say the least!  This was my first official year away from National Sports Management and away from my former partners.  After 3 lawsuits, numerous attacking blogs from competitors, and an occasional editorial about me, what do I really think of 2012 for our team?


I think the results were pretty good!  We added 19 new clients in 5 different divisions.  If you combined 2010 and 2011 with my other partners, we only added a total of 16 new clients.  The highlight of 2012 clearly has to be the expansion of our baseball division which saw 6 MLB draft picks sign with us.


In 2012, I instituted the director model for each division.  I wanted to match each person on my team’s specific skills with an area that each could flourish.  I could not be more pleased with my directors and what they have accomplished this year.


Newly appointed director Chris Danowski is the star of our baseball division!  He is almost singlehandedly responsible for the growth and our new clients, including Eric Grabe of the Chicago White Sox organization.  NFL director Ray Brownell showed his diversity by signing our basketball client Tre Brewer.  Newcomer Adam Belden, who is an associate in the NFL Division, was responsible for new clients Al Netter and Tyler Horn.


Public Relations and Marketing director Melanie Madden signed new clients Justin Haynes and Drew Smith and played a key role in the PR campaign leading to Lorenzo Alexander’s pro bowl selection.  NBA director Jared Fortier branched out and brought undefeated boxer Mikey Faragon to the team.


So overall, 2012 was a good year for us at JRSE.  I expect to see more growth in each division for 2013.  In particular, my goals are to add 3 drafted players to the NFL division, 5 drafted players to the MLB division, and have 1 NBA draft pick.  We shall see what lies ahead.  For now, here is a look at who we added in 2012 by division:



19 New Clients


NFL (3)                       


Tyler Horn                                          Tennessee Titans                    Center

Al Netter                                             San Francisco 49ers                Offensive Lineman

Drew Smith                                         2013 NFL Draft                      Running Back



MLB (7)                      


Austin Blaski (21st Round)                 Milwaukee Brewers               Pitcher

Chris Burke (18th Round)                   San Diego Padres                   Outfielder

Ethan Chapman (30th Round)             Kansas City Royals                Centerfielder

Eric Grabe (24th Round)                      Chicago White Sox                  Infielder

Matty Johnson                                               Boston Red Sox                      Outfielder

Adam Lopez (21st Round)                  Chicago White Sox                  Pitcher

Josh Martin (10th Round)                   Cleveland Indians                    Pitcher



Boxing (3)                  


Mikey “Baby-Faced Beast” Faragon   Undefeated Lightweight

Michael Hunter                                   2012 US Olympian and 2-time World Champion

Karim Mayfield                                  WBO Lightweight Champion



NBA (2)                      


Tre Brewer                                          D-League                                 Guard

Justin Haynes                                     ABL                                        Guard



Public Relations and Entertainment (4)    


Mayte Garcia                                      VH1 Hollywood Exes

Neal Schon                                          Guitarist for Journey

Kelly Slingerland                                 America’s Miss New York

Casey Therriault                                 Motion Picture Deal


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