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Agent JR Rickert Reflects on his Career, Lawsuits, and the Future

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 17, 2012

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JR Rickert is not your average sports agent. After almost a decade of a successful career as an educator and high school coach, he entered the agent world under the tutelage of his long-time mentor, Peter Schaffer.
In 2001, he signed his first NFL client, offensive lineman, Artis Hicks from the University of Memphis. Hicks went on to have an eleven-year career in the NFL with the Eagles, Vikings, Redskins, Browns, and Dolphins.
“At first, I was just looking at it like a small-time operation with Artis and maybe a handful of other players,” recalled Rickert.
At the time, Rickert was working exclusively with Schaffer and All Pro Sports & Entertainment, based in Denver, Colorado. In 2003, Rickert formed his New York State based group, National Sports Management, with two other business partners. Later he added a partnership with NFL agent Audie Attar. From 2003 – 2010, the number of clients exploded and Rickert handled many high profile NFL contracts. To date, Rickert has successfully negotiated over $300 million in professional sports contracts. What is interesting to note is that his career in education also took off during this exact same time period as the principal of one the highest rated high schools in New York State.
“People ask me all the time about my dual careers and for the longest time, I was reluctant to discuss it publicly with anyone,” said Rickert. Then in June of 2011, Rickert finally gave his first public quotes in Success Magazine LTD in which he was featured in the “Men of Distinction” section.
“I see it as wearing many hats. I’m a public official; I’m an educational leader; I’m a business advisor for athletes; I’m an entrepreneur; I’m contract expert; I do my own weekly radio show; and I’m about to get more involved in an investment business that I started,” said Rickert.
To complicate this multi-dimensional and complex situation, Rickert faced the most challenging year of his professional career in 2012 when broke ties with all of his former business partners with the exception of Peter Schaffer. The result was the filing of three separate lawsuits filed in California (Attar), Colorado (All Pro Sports), and New York (National Sports Management). This was covered in a Forbes Magazine on-line addition.
“The lawsuits were nothing more than an attempt by my former business associates to discredit me and hurt my future opportunities to sign players. In the end, all three suits were settled in a fashion where the plaintiffs received exactly what they were to have received had they never filed suit in the first place,” noted Rickert. “In some respects, they succeeded because I get asked about it all the time by prospective clients. But, the key here is that all of my clients stayed with me and none of them left me to go to my former business associates.”
Today, Rickert continues his long-standing partnership with Peter Schaffer through Schaffer’s new company launched in 2011, Authentic Athletix, LLC. He operates all of his business ventures under his trademarked, JR Sports Enterprises, LLC, based in Upstate New York. Due to the fact that Rickert is so involved in so many professional endeavors, he created a corporate structure in his company to allow for the addition of new clients with the same top-level service. Each division: NFL, MLB, NBA, Boxing, Entertainment, and Marketing have a director that reports directly to Rickert. Each director is an expert in their area and is responsible for growing the division.
The results thus far have been outstanding, especially in baseball, where the firm has added 7 new clients in the last 3 months, including 6 players who drafted in the 2012 MLB Draft. Rickert credits this largely to the efforts of his new MLB Director, Chris Danowski.
“Chris has been phenomenal. He is simply one of the best young, up and coming baseball agents in the country, and we are so lucky that he is on our team,” exclaimed Rickert.
In addition, the Entertainment Division is about to sign a major national recording artist. The boxing division is in negotiations with a current welterweight champion. The NBA division has several prospects now playing in the developmental leagues. And, of course, the bread and butter NFL Division is very active with its recruiting process for the 2013 NFL Draft.
“To me, the key to my success has always been about surrounding myself with successful people,” explained Rickert. “With Peter Schaffer, I am blessed to be partners with the one of the most successful NFL agents of all time. Now, I have to select the best people to expand my operations, and continue to be successful in all that I do professionally.”
Now with the controversy of the 3 lawsuits behind him, Rickert is poised to become of the most successful sports and entertainment agents in the country. You can follow all of the latest client news and company developments on his website:

JR Sports Enterprises continues to make its mark in the sports industry. Follow all the latest news on:

JR Rickert: President and CEO of JR Sports Enterprises
Lou Lecce: General Counsel to JR Sports Enterprises
Ray Brownell: Director of the NFL Division
Chris Danowski: Director of the MLB Division
Jared Fortier: Director of the NBA Division
Melanie Madden: Director of Marketing and Publicity

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