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JR Sports Enterprises Welcomes Thomas Clayton Back to the Firm

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 11, 2012

CONTACT: Melanie Madden (518) 847-4524

Agent JR Rickert is pleased to announce the return of running back Thomas Clayton. Clayton was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 6th round in 2007 from Kansas State and has played for the Patriots, Browns, Seahawks and most recently, the Cardinals.

While Clayton has never put together a full NFL season he has managed to lead his team in rushing in the pre-season on 4 separate occasions, most recently in 2011 with the Seattle Seahawks.
According to Thomas Clayton, “I’ve been training hard and I’m excited to be back with the JRSE team and ready to get back on the field!”

“We are thrilled to have Clayton back with our firm,” said Rickert. “He is a talented running back who just needs a chance to find a spot where we can contribute. He is an outstanding special teams player and great in goal line packages.”
JR Sports Enterprises continues to grow its NFL Division under Ray Brownell, director, Osiris Walcott and Adam Belden, client specialists.

JR Sports Enterprises continues to make its mark in the sports industry. Follow all the latest news on:
JR Rickert: President and CEO of JR Sports Enterprises
Ray Brownell: Director of the NFL Division
Chris Danowski: Director of the MLB Division
Melanie Madden: Director of Marketing and Publicity

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